Your Average Webpage Visitor 
Decides In Just 2.6 Seconds Whether They "Like & Trust" You 
Based Solely On The Design Of Your Page.

  • No matter how crazy that sounds, you can use that knowledge to your advantage, and make sure that you don't lose new clients simply because of bad design. 
  • Because you have amazing things to share with them.
  • ​The what's inside part of you and your business gets to be seen.
  • ​So, let's be sure you don't lose them before you even get the chance to introduce yourself.

Sample Page Re-Designs


I will be taking on new design clients in August 2020 for all your click funnels design needs. Including but not limited to opt-in pages, landing pages, sales/bump/OTO funnels and more. Please contact me to discover if my services are the perfect fit for you and your needs.

ClickFunnel Design Packages And Rates

All prices are subject to a review of each individuals specific page needs. Please use the following pricing structure as a guideline.

Funnel Re-Design

This includes taking a page that already exists, and simply upping the design game. This is not consulting on strategy or copy. Simply re-designing.

Starting at $150/page

Optin Funnel

2 page funnel + 1 follow-up email + integrations/setup


Webinar Registration Funnel

2 page funnel + 4 follow-up emails + integrations/setup


Sales Funnel

2 page funnel + 2 follow-up emails + integrations/setup



1 page funnel + integrations/setup


And if you're like, "Beth, what is this ClickFunnels you're talking about and what's the difference between that and a regular website?"...I get it. 

I was there too. Sure I knew what a website is. But all the talk about funnels and traffic was new to me.

 I knew I wanted to expand my business online and getting more people to visit website was key. 

Hence, in came ClickFunnels as my website and funnel hosting site. It was the solution and after finally being willing to take a moment and learn about it, I knew it was the path forward. 

It might be for your business too!

I suggest getting Traffic Secrets by Russel Brunson, the founders of ClickFunnels, and learn all about growing your business with funnels. Simply put, he's a master of online business growth. 

It's a great way to start if you're new to it all. The book itself is FREE but it does cost $9.95 for shipping, but so worth it.


I'll actually pay for the shipping for you. I think it's that worth it to learn about traffic and funnels, simply to see if it's right for you. Just send me a pic of your shipping cost receipt and I'll give it back to you.